Building restoration services are necessary to repair the concrete structures to reinstate and increase the life of the structures.

Royal Buildcon & Engineers has earned a reputation for thoroughness and quality craftsmanship. We have the skills and proficiency to meet your building restoration & reconstruction needs. With the expertise and experience of building restoration on our side, you can be rest assured that your project will be handled in a meticulous manner.

Royal Buildcon & Engineers building repair contractors, provide building restoration services covering a full range of damage control, services to restore buildings and various types of roofing, interior, and exterior/facade repairs and renovations. Our competitive pricing makes us the best local choice for your structural repair needs. No wonder, Royal Buildcon & Engineers is one of the leading, structural repair contractors in Mumbai.

Conventional Method

Areas of Application
  • All R.C.C Structures

  • Best Bonding with old R.C.C Structure
  • Increases life of the Structure

  • 10 Years

Structural Wrapping

Areas of Application
  • All R.C.C Structures

  • Increase Life of Structures
  • Doubles the strength of Structures
  • Strong resistance to U.V. rays, fire, several acids and alkalis.

Micro Concrete Jacketing

Areas of Application
  • All types of Damaged R.C.C Surface

  • Easy flowing
  • Compressive Strength & Moisture Resistant
  • Reinstate the strength


Areas of Application
  • Basement
  • Wall foundations
  • Tunnels, foundation piles
  • Channels/ irrigation system
  • Sunken Slab
  • Roof Gardens
  • Swimming Pools
  • Overhead Tanks

  • Prevents leakage / seepage completely
  • Enhances life of structure by virtue of excellent water repellant properties of polymer coating
  • It adds aesthetical out look to structure with variety of color shades